Monday, October 19, 2009

What Is A Pyramid Scheme, Why Should I Avoid Them?

Stay Away From Pyramid Scheme's

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business
model that involves the exchange of money
primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme,
often without any product or service being delivered".

Before joining anything at least make sure the
business model does involve the exchange of an actual
product for the exchange of money.

Pyramid Scheme's are the reason it is not advisable
to join pre-existing business opportunities online.
Instead you should consider becoming a internet
marketer or perhaps creating tools for internet
marketers. You could be the person internet
marketers turn to when they want to outsource
their work. Internet Marketing is one of the many
income opportunities available online and it is one
of the safest models to choose.

Many times you can begin making money online
internet marketing, providing services, or creating
tools for internet marketers and later join in a
business opportunity that has been pre-created
when you have had the time and money to fully
investigate it.

But what kind of internet marketing is there? Here
are a few to whet your appetite and tomorrow I will
begin describing them in more detail:

-"Affiliate Marketing". Which is marketing someone
else's product or service.
-Creating your own information product(s) to sell
-Using pre-created information product(s),
this is known online as PLR i.e: Private Label Rights
and can be purchased online from various places.
-Selling plr or your own software creations.
-Creating tools for online business owners to use.
-Selling your services, writing, etc.
-Becoming a freelance worker online.
and there are many others.

Hopefully this will give you a good idea and a place
to start, until tomorrow....

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